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Understanding and Diagnosing Pregnancy Loss in Beef Cattle

by Sandy Johnson Gregg Hanzlicek


Description of factors that can cause loss of pregnancy in beef cows. Cattle diseases, mold, parasites, poor nutrition, vaccination errors, hot weather, and other sources of stress can reduce the probability that pregnant cows will produce calves. 8 pages, color.

Published Date: Oct 2021

Why aren’t my cows pregnant?

by Sandy Johnson Gregg Hanzlicek


Publication addresses questions often asked when troubleshooting low pregnancy rates in cattle. Includes common terminology and realistic expectations. Poor reproductive performance, by both cows and bulls, must be considered. 8 pages, b/w.

Published Date: Oct 2021

Diet and Feed Management to Reduce Gaseous Emissions from Livestock Production

by Zifei Liu


Gaseous emissions from livestock can be reduced through proper diet and feed management. This publication outlines principles and practices for achieving this goal. 4 pages, b/w.

Published Date: Nov 2017

Nutritional Management of Cows by Body Condition

by Jaymelynn Farney et al.


How to use body condition scoring to develop a beef cow nutrition program. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Sep 2017

Guide to Body Condition Scoring Beef Cows and Bulls

by Jaymelynn Farney et al.


Information for producers on how and why to use body condition scoring. 8-page, color.

Published Date: Dec 2016

Estimating Water Requirements for Mature Beef Cows

by Courtney Spencer Megan Rolf Chris Richards David Lalman


This publication explains water needs for beef cattle and estimates daily water requirements considering temperature and feed intake. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Dec 2016

Managing Cows in Confinement

by Jaymelynn Farney


When drought or other factors increase competition for grazing land, beef producers may consider moving cattle off grass and feeding them in a confinement pen. This publication provides information on culling decisions, diets, housing, and other concerns associated with this practice. 8-page, color.

Published Date: Aug 2014

Body Condition Scorecord for Cattle

by Justin Waggoner


Body condition scores are visual assessments used to evaluate animals and make decisions about nutrition and management. This 5- by 8-inch laminated scorecard is a handy reference for evaluating cow body condition in the field.

Revision Date: Oct 2016

Body Condition Record Book

by Justin Waggoner Sandy Johnson


A tool beef cattle producers can use to collect and track body condition throughout the year. 24-page, color cover.

Published Date: Dec 2015

Veterinary Feed Directive: What Producers Should Know about Antimicrobial Use in Feed

by A. J. Tarpoff


Information for producers on a new FDA rule that places medically important feed-grade antimicrobial drugs under veterinary supervision. 2-page.

Published Date: Oct 2016

How Feeding-Site Mud and Temperature Affect Animal Performance

by Joel M. DeRouchey Twig T. Marston Joseph P. Harner III


Livestock producers should make management decisions to minimize animal exposure to mud and provide protection from adverse weather to maximize animal performance. 2 p.

Published Date: Feb 2005

Winter Feeding Sites and Calf Scours

by Larry C. Hollis Joel M. DeRouchey Twig T. Marston


As cows feed on a small site during the winter, manure and wasted hay accumulate. Disease-causing organisms develop, and can sicken calves that use the pasture in spring. 2 p.

Published Date: Nov 2006

FDA-Approved Injectable Beef Cattle Antimicrobials

by A. J. Tarpoff


Describes medications, methods, and dosage to treat bacterial and rickettsial diseases that infect cattle. Includes withdrawal times to avoid drug residue in cattle slaughtered for meat. 2-page, b/w.

Revision Date: Nov 2016

Beef Cow-Calf Management Options When Pasture is Limited

by Jaymelynn Farney


To remain profitable in the face of widespread drought, record grain and feed prices, and other economic uncertainties, Kansas beef producers must focus on capturing value, managing returns, and implementing least-cost production strategies. This publication helps beef producers determine appropriate management practices for cow-calf operations when pasture is limited. 8-page, color.

Published Date: Aug 2014

2021 Protocols for Synchronization of Estrus and Ovulation in Beef Cows and Heifers

by Sandy Johnson et al.


Best scientifically proven methods to synchronize estrus and ovulation in beef cows and replacement heifers for beef producers considering expanding the use of artificial insemination. 8-page, color.

Revision Date: Oct 2021

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