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Feed Biosecurity for Swine Producers

by Cassandra Jones et al.


Questions and answers about feed mill biosecurity practices. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Nov 2020

Thermal infrared Imaging System Usage for Crop Health Assessments

by Ajay Sharda Harman Singh Sangha


Thermal imagery is a great tool for crop monitoring, irrigation management, and disease detection. For proper data collection using thermal imagery it is recommended to understand your sensors, carefully select flying speed, altitude, and utilize good ground calibration techniques. Following some of the information presented in this publication could help the user to fully explore its potential. 6 pages, color.

Published Date: Feb 2022

Safety Tips for Farming with Arthritis

by Tawnie Larson et al.


Arthritis can make everyday farm tasks more difficult. This fact sheet from the Kansas AgrAbility Project suggests modifications and low-cost devices to help farmers accommodate limitations caused by arthritis. 2 pages, color.

Published Date: Oct 2019

Nozzle Tip Selection for Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Sprayers

by Ajay Sharda Jonathan V. Fabula


Pulse width modulated technology in agricultural sprayers provides a more consistent spray pressure over a wide range of operating speeds. It is important, however, for operators to follow the recommendations of the pesticide companies in terms of nozzle size, droplet spectra, and travel speed, and spray nozzle manufacturer when using a PWM system. This fact sheet includes recommendations and considerations when using the technology in the field. 4 pages, color.

Published Date: Dec 2019

Cattle Pen Maintenance

by Will Boyer et al.


Pen maintenance plays a vital role in the performance of animals in feedlots. Pen design can provide cattle with resting locations, reduce drying time for lots, and control feedlot runoff. This publication outlines key factors in pen maintenance. 2 pages, color.

Published Date: Jun 2020

Design and Management of Biofilters for Odor Reduction of Livestock Facilities

by Zifei Liu


Biofiltration is an odor reducing technology that can be used to treat the exhaust air from mechanically ventilated livestock barns or covered manure storage facilities. This publication provides an overview of biofilter media, construction, management, and other factors to consider. 6 pages, b/w.

Published Date: Nov 2017

Guidelines for Planning Cattle Feedlots

by Joseph P. Harner III et al.


When planning a cattle feedlot, producers need to take into consideration a number of factors. This publication outlines factors including site selection, pen layout and sizing, feed bunks, water, and other environmental factors. 2 pages, b/w.

Published Date: Dec 2017

Safety Tips for Farming with a Back Injury or Back Problem

by Tawnie Larson et al.


Farming safely with a back injury may require adaptations and assistive technologies. This fact sheet from the Kansas AgrAbility Project outlines factors to take into consideration and resources for more information. 2 pages, color.

Published Date: Oct 2019

Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Technology for Liquid Application

by Ajay Sharda


Pulse width modulation systems for agricultural sprayers help overcome variations in spray distribution because of variations in speed and terrain. This publication describes how PWM systems work and explains options available to producers. 8-page, color.

Published Date: Oct 2016

Planter Downforce Technology for Uniform Seeding Depth

by Ajay Sharda et al.


Consistent seeding depth is essential to proper crop development, but field conditions often make this difficult to achieve. This publication explains systems that help overcome variable field conditions to achieve consistent planting depth. 8 pages, color.

Published Date: Mar 2017

Designing a Bud Box for Cattle Handling

by A. J. Tarpoff et al.


A well-designed cattle handling facility is a long-term investment that allows the operator to work more efficiently, saving time and reducing animal stress. A Bud Box combines efficiency, flexibility, and less animal stress in a cost-effective solution. 16-pages, color.

Published Date: Sep 2017

Growing Growers: Tips for Safe Tractor Operation

by Cary L. Rivard


Small-tractor safety tips for beginning growers. 2-page, color.

Published Date: Dec 2015

Understanding Controller Setup for Accurate Liquid Application

by Ajay Sharda John W. Slocombe Terry Griffin Lucas Haag


Manufacturer recommended settings for variable-rate controllers may not give the best result. This publication includes research and recommendations for achieving the best results using variable-rate controllers when spraying. 6-page, color.

Published Date: Dec 2015

Housing Tips for Small Poultry Flocks

by R. Scott Beyer


When evaluating housing plans for small poultry flocks, follow these guidelines to keep your birds safe, healthy and productive. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Jun 2016

Automatic Boom Height Control Technology for Agricultural Sprayers

by Ajay Sharda et al.


Automatic boom height control systems allow for better control in variable field conditions. This publication describes advantages of using this technology and explains some of the options available to producers. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Jul 2016

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