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How to Plant a Ball-in-Burlap Tree/How to Plant a Container-Grown Tree

by Cathie Lavis


Best practices for planting trees in the home landscape. 2-page b/w.

Published Date: Jul 2016

Pruning Shrubs

by Cheryl R. Boyer Jason J. Griffin Charles J. Barden Ward Upham


Advice to help prune shrubs. When to Prune. Light pruning, no more than 10 percent, can be done anytime of year. Timing for more severe pruning is determined by when the shrub flowers. 2 p.

Published Date: Aug 2011

Water Gardening: Disappearing Fountains

by Emily Nolting Cheryl R. Boyer


Instructions and photos to build a small garden fountain, including a pump and a hidden basin to catch overflowing water. 4 p.

Published Date: Aug 2011

Deciduous Shrubs for Kansas

by Cheryl R. Boyer


A guide to finding plants to suit any Kansas environment. Selections based on performance and regional availability. 16-page, b/w.

Published Date: Mar 2014

Evergreen Shrubs for Kansas

by Cheryl R. Boyer


A guide to finding plants to fit your space and environment. Selections based on performance and regional availability. 8-page, b/w.

Published Date: Mar 2014

Planting Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

by Jason J. Griffin


Everything you need to know to select, establish and raise a healthy tree or shrub. 4 p.

Revision Date: Feb 2007

Residential Landscape Design

by Gustaaf A. van der Hoeven


The ideal situation is to plan the house and grounds together whether you are purchasing a site, purchasing a house on undeveloped land,or renovating an older existing house and grounds. 105 p.

Revision Date: Sep 2001

Landscape Design

by Emily Nolting Cheryl R. Boyer


Landscape design connects a house or other structure to the environment. This publication describes design and color concepts, lists plants for seasonal color, and includes a landscaping plan and graphics. 16 p.

Published Date: Sep 2010

How to Hire an Irrigation Contractor

by Cathie Lavis


Homeowner tips: questions to ask and guarantees included in a typical contract. 2-page, color.

Published Date: Sep 2013

Flowering Crabapples

by Jason J. Griffin


Guide to using crabapples to enhance landscaping. 8 p.

Revision Date: Sep 2005

Water Conservation in the Home Landscape

by Gustaaf A. van der Hoeven Charles W. Marr Elaine Mohr


Water conserving landscapes don’t have to look any different or cost any more than water wasting ones. Design, careful watering, mulches, and plant selection make a difference. 4 p.

Published Date: Dec 1996

Tree and Shrub Problems in Kansas: Diseases, Insects, and Environmental Stresses

by Megan M. Kennelly Raymond A. Cloyd Judith O'Mara Jason J. Griffin


This guide provides an overview of different tree problems followed by an extensive itemized list of specific diseases, insects, mites, and environmental/abiotic stress problems of trees and shrubs common in Kansas, information on how to identify those problems, and guidelines for management. 104 pages, color.

Revision Date: Nov 2023

Conifer Trees for Kansas: A Guide to Landscape Evergreens

by Jason J. Griffin Tim McDonnell


Describes landscape evergreens suitable for specific regions in Kansas. Includes botanical and common names, photos, growth rates and dimensions, significant pests, with comments from the authors based on personal observations. 24 pages, color.

Published Date: Mar 2018

Ornamental Tree Evaluation

by Cathie Lavis Jason J. Griffin Tim McDonnell


This fact sheet provides information about the trunk formula method, a simple, reliable tool widely used by professionals to establish the value of ornamental trees. 4-page, color.

Revision Date: Aug 2015

Staking and Guying Landscape Trees

by Kim Bomberger


Describes the benefits and concerns of staking and guying landscape trees. 2-page, 2-color.

Revision Date: Oct 2013

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