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Harvest Maturity Indicators for Fruits and Vegetables

by Karen L.B. Gast


From parsnips and radishes to sweet potatoes and grapes, this publication will help you indicate when fruit and vegetables are ready for harvest.

Published Date: Nov 1994

Austrian Winter Pea: Effects on N Rates and Grain Sorghum Yield in a Cover Crop, Grain Sorghum, Winter Wheat Rotation

by James P. Shroyer Kraig L. Roozeboom William Heer


Because winter pea (Pisum arvense) is a legume, it can add N to the soil system. Study evaluates the effects of winter pea and its ability to supply N to the succeeding grain sorghum crop. 4 pages.

Revision Date: Sep 2011

2014-2017 Kansas Performance Tests with Field Pea Varieties

by Lucas Haag


Spring field peas are a cool-season, grain legume crop that has emerged in recent years as a potential cash crop in northern Kansas. An official field pea variety testing program was established in 2014 to provide Kansas growers with unbiased performance comparisons of spring field pea varieties. 36-page, color cover.

Published Date: Jan 2018

Plastic Mulches for Vegetables

by Charles W. Marr


Publication provides the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic mulch for vegetables. Includes mulch application, planting crop, irrigation, and other cropping considerations.

Revision Date: Oct 1993

Fertigation of Vegetable Crops

by Charles W. Marr


Guide explaining the use of drip irrigation in conjunction with plastic mulches for vegetable production.

Revision Date: Oct 1993

Triticale in Kansas

by Ray E. Lamond Robert L. Bowden James P. Shroyer


Triticale generally has higher forage yields, but lower quality than wheat, especially when harvested as hay or silage. It has similar crude protein values (20-25%) as wheat when grazed.

Published Date: Oct 1996

Post Corn, Going to Soybean: Use Cereal Rye

by DeAnn Presley Vaughn Sothman


The following recipe provides an introductory approach to integrating a cover crop into a corn-soybean rotation. 2-page, color.

Published Date: May 2020

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