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Forest Management for Wildlife

by Thad Rhodes Wes Sowards


Properly managed forests provide habitat for wildlife such as squirrels, deer, turkey, and songbirds. Rabbits, quail, and raptors use the forest edge. 12 pages, color, 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

Revision Date: Dec 2021

Vole Control in Lawns and Landscapes

by Charles D. Lee


Sometimes called meadow mice, voles are compact rodents with short tails (about an inch long), stocky bodies, big heads, and short legs. Their eyes are small and ears partially hidden. They are usually brown or gray. 4 p., color.

Published Date: Mar 2011

Windbreaks for Wildlife

by Thad Rhodes


Discusses the importance and management of tree windbreaks for wildlife habitats. 2 p.

Revision Date: Apr 2012


by Gerald L. Stokka Jeremy Van Boening Deborah J. Briggs


A guide to rabies, including symptoms, prevention, and treatment.

Revision Date: Jan 2000

Starling Management in Agriculture

by Ron J. Johnson James F. Glahn


European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) were brought into the United States from Europe. This publication provides facts about starlings and methods to control their damage.

Published Date: Dec 1992

Ag Wildlife Damage, Category 1C

by Frannie L. Miller Charles D. Lee Michelle Moses


Information on wildlife control and regulations: coyotes, deer, rats, mice, voles, rabbits, birds, prairie dogs, gophers, and other animals. Includes details on diseases spread by animals and parasites such as fleas and ticks. Color, 88 pages.

Revision Date: Feb 2013

Care and Handling of Deer from Field to Table

by Karen Blakeslee


Tips on hunting and handling game animals.

Revision Date: Nov 2010

Care and Handling of Game Birds from Field to Table

by Karen Blakeslee


Tips on hunting and handling game birds. Field dress (remove entrails and crop) and chill or ice the carcass, remove blood and feathers, refrigerate or freeze before cooking. Includes cooking suggestions and nutritional value.

Revision Date: Nov 2010

Prairie Dog Management

by Charles D. Lee


This fact sheet highlights the economic importance of the black-tailed prairie dog in Kansas. It describes the positive and negative effects on the prairie ecosystem and provides land managers with recommendations for safe, effective and legal control. 4-page, color.

Revision Date: Jul 2019

Managing Pocket Gophers

by Charles D. Lee


Guide to minimizing damage caused by pocket gophers.

Revision Date: Feb 1999


by Charles D. Lee


A guide to minimizing woodchuck damage in urban areas.

Published Date: Sep 1992


by F. Robert Henderson Charles D. Lee


A guide to minimizing woodpecker damage in urban areas.

Published Date: Oct 1992


by Charles D. Lee


A guide to controlling woodrats in urban areas.

Revision Date: Jan 2003

Controlling House Mice

by Charles D. Lee


Practical guide for addressing house mouse problems around homes and businesses. Lists common house mouse baits registered for use in Kansas. 4-page, color.

Revision Date: Aug 2019


by Charles D. Lee


Guide to controlling raccoon problems in urban areas.

Published Date: Oct 1992

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