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Interpreting and Using Center Pivot Sprinkler Designs

by Lee Wheeler Carol Baldwin Jeff Davidson


Information on how to read an irrigation system operator's manual. 4 pages, color.

Published Date: Jul 2022

Understanding the Perceptions of Producers Regarding the Ogallala Aquifer Use: A Survey Report

by Jonathan Aguilar Amariah Fischer Matthew Sanderson


This survey asked producers in the Ogallala aquifer how they view their role in groundwater use, what they see as consequences of groundwater depletion, and why they believe groundwater should be conserved. Producers were also asked about their worldviews and values. Together, these questions help provide an understanding of the cultural state of the Ogallala aquifer, especially as it pertains to groundwater use. 12 pages, color.

Revision Date: Dec 2022

Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) in Kansas: An Overview

by Danny H. Rogers Freddie R. Lamm Jonathan Aguilar


Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) continues to be an effective choice for Kansas farmers. This overview defines SDI and outlines its progression as an irrigation system choice in Kansas. 4 pages, color.

Published Date: May 2018

Tips on Selecting a Soil Water Sensor

by Jonathan Aguilar


Outlines factors to consider when choosing a soil water sensor in a clear and easy-to-follow graphic format. 1 page, color.

Published Date: May 2018

Non-Confined Beef Cattle Feeding Sites

by Herschel George et al.


Non-confined feeding sites are used by beef cattle producers to reduce stress on cattle and allow utilization of grass, crop residue, or cover crops. This publication outlines factors to consider when planning for this type of feeding system. 4 pages, color.

Published Date: Dec 2020

Planning Stream Buffers

by Jarran Tindle


Describes the environmental benefits of stream buffers, perennial vegetation near streams. Trees, shrubs, grasses, and other plants help to stabilize the banks of streams. Plants near streams can reduce erosion and filter out pollutants. 4 pages, color.

Published Date: Dec 2021

Important Agricultural Soil Properties

by Freddie R. Lamm Philip L. Barnes Danny H. Rogers Jonathan Aguilar Isaya Kisekka


It is important that producers understand how soil properties influence tillage, erosion, and irrigation. This publication explains the relationship between soil properties and water availability for crop production. 8-page, color.

Published Date: Jan 2015

Agricultural Crop Water Use

by Danny H. Rogers


A number of factors influence crop water use. Understanding the cycle of crop water use, along with other factors affecting how much water is available to the plants, helps producers make wise decisions about irrigation. 12-page, color.

Published Date: Jan 2015

Growing Growers: Drip Irrigation Basics

by Cary L. Rivard Cathie Lavis


How to install a drip irrigation system for small-acreage fruit and vegetable production in the Great Plains. 8-page, color.

Published Date: Feb 2016

Keeping up with Research: Factors Influencing the Adoption of Riparian Forest Buffers in the Tuttle Creek Reservoir Watershed of Kansas

by Thad Rhodes


Permanent streamside trees, shrubs, and grasses reduce erosion, and problems of water quality and quantity. This study surveys the preferences of private landowners for streamside vegetation on agricultural land. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Dec 1899

Kansas Center Pivot Survey

by L. Kent Shaw Danny H. Rogers Mahbub Alam


Types of center pivot nozzle packages in use were observed from roads: field location, degree of rotation, number of spans, nozzle type, height, pressure regulation, etc.

Published Date: Apr 2009

Impacts of No-till on Water Quality

by Philip L. Barnes Daniel L. Devlin


No-till systems reduce soil erosion and soil-attached contaminant losses compared to conventional and reduced tillage systems. Water runoff and loss of water-laden contaminants may be more or less with no-till. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Sep 2009

Water Primer: Part 8, Irrigation Water

by Danny H. Rogers Philip L. Barnes G. Morgan Powell Kerri Ebert


Describes issues, trends, and developments in irrigation. 8-page, b/w.

Published Date: Feb 2014

Citizen Science Water Quality Fact Sheet W-9: Stream Site Assessment

by Rhonda Janke Rebecca Moscou G. Morgan Powell


A visual assessment describes stream structure, stability, suitability for fish and invertebrates, and appearance.

Revision Date: Jun 2006

Accessing ET for Kansas Irrigation Scheduling

by Jonathan Aguilar et al.


Weather based irrigation scheduling using evapotranspiration, or ET, information is an accepted irrigation management practice in Kansas. This publication outlines how to use the Kansas Mesonet site to access ET information to use in the KanSched software. 2 pages, color.

Revision Date: Sep 2021

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