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Testing Mixer Performance

by Charles Stark Marut Saensukjaroenphon


This publication describes factors influencing mixer performance and describes how to test mixer performance. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Sep 2017

Innovations in Wheat Cleaning: Improving Process Efficiencies

by Mark Fowler


Wheat cleaning methods include screening or sieving, and color or optical sorting. 2 p.

Published Date: Mar 2013

Evaluating Pellet Quality

by Adam Fahrenholz Charles Stark


This publication describes techniques used to measure feed pellet quality. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Jul 2015

Evaluating Particle Size of Feedstuffs

by Julie Kalivoda Charles Stark


This publication describes the equipment and procedure used to evaluate feed particle size. Color, 4-page.

Published Date: Nov 2016

Principles of Feed Manufacturing: Efficient Boiler Operation

by Keith C. Behnke Leland J. McKinney


Pay attention to boiler water treatment, burner operation, and steam trap failures to maximize boiler efficiency and reduce overall feed manufacturing costs.

Published Date: Dec 2007

Evaluating Feed Components and Finished Feeds

by Scott Baker Timothy J. Herrman


Contains information pertaining to ingredient specifications, finished feed properties, types of assays to perform, and interpreting lab results.

Revision Date: Oct 2001

Questions and Answers About Aeration Controllers

by Carl Reed Randall Higgins Timothy J. Herrman


Addresses many of the most common questions about how aeration controllers are used to maintain grain quality and control insects.

Published Date: Mar 1995

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