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Safe Transport of Poultry and Gamebirds in Kansas

by R. Scott Beyer C. J. Delfelder


When preparing to transport birds to shows, fairs, and sales in Kansas, follow these guidelines to prevent loss and disease while increasing bird comfort and production. 2-page, color.

Published Date: May 2016

Planning a Market Broiler Competition for Your County Fair

by R. Scott Beyer


Market broiler competitions are popular at county, regional, and state fairs. This publication offers tips for organizing an event where you live. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Jun 2017

Poultry Nutrition for the Small Flock

by Kenneth J. Wilson R. Scott Beyer


A sound nutrition program is essential to a successful poultry operation. From an economic standpoint, feeding accounts for 60 to 70 percent of the cost of production.

Published Date: Dec 2000

Avian Influenza Prevention in Gamebird and Ratite Facilities

by R. Scott Beyer


Tips for game bird and ratite producers on how to recognize and limit exposure to this deadly disease. 2-page, b/w.

Revision Date: Apr 2017

Cannibalism in the Small Poultry Flock

by David L. Haseman R. Scott Beyer


Causes of and tips for preventing cannibalism in the small poultry flock.

Published Date: Apr 1998

Management of the Small Flock of Chickens

by R. Scott Beyer


Tips on raising a small flock of chickens.

Published Date: May 1999

Factors Affecting Egg Quality

by R. Scott Beyer


Many factors affect egg quality. As a hen ages, the shells thin. Genetics, feed quality, medications and environment (light, temperature, etc.) play a role in egg quality.

Published Date: Jan 2005

Preventing Blackhead Disease in Turkeys and Game Birds

by R. Scott Beyer J.S. Moritz


Symptoms, control, and prevention of blackhead disease in Kansas turkeys and gamebirds.

Published Date: Mar 2000

Preventing Hens From Eating Eggs

by R. Scott Beyer


Methods used to prevent hens from eating eggs.

Published Date: Mar 2000

Processing Farm-Raised Poultry

by R. Scott Beyer


A guide to home processing poultry

Published Date: Mar 2000

West Nile Virus and Chickens

by R. Scott Beyer


Mosquitos transmit the virus to birds. There is no evidence that direct transmission from birds to humans can occur. Can I still eat the eggs and meat? Yes, if your birds are generally healthy.

Published Date: Feb 2003

Salmonella in Livestock Feed

by Cassandra Jones Olivia Harrison


Publication describes strategies to decrease the spread of Salmonella disease in feed mills. 4 pages, color.

Published Date: Jul 2021

Eliminating Mites in Poultry Flocks

by R. Scott Beyer


Mites on poultry. Types and appropriate treatments are discussed. 4 p.

Published Date: Apr 1999

Barbecuing Chicken

by R. Scott Beyer


This guide to barbecuing chicken, includes tips on selection, preparation, cooking, safety, and serving. Bonus K-State bbq sauce recipe.

Published Date: Dec 1997

Housing Tips for Small Poultry Flocks

by R. Scott Beyer


When evaluating housing plans for small poultry flocks, follow these guidelines to keep your birds safe, healthy and productive. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Jun 2016

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