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Face Flies: Livestock Pests

by Cassandra Olds J. P. Michaud


Learn more about the life cycle, disease transmission issues and management of this pest of livestock. 2 pages, color.

Published Date: Oct 2022

Brown Recluse Spiders: Kansas Structural Pests

by Holly N. Davis Robert J. Whitworth


Biology, behavior, and control of this potentially harmful spider that infests homes in the central United States. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Apr 2014

Black Widow Spiders

by Robert J. Whitworth Holly Schwarting


The black widow is one of two spiders indigenous to Kansas that may be a threat to humans because of its venom. This fact sheet covers identification, life cycle and habitat, prevention, symptoms, and first aid. 2-page, color

Published Date: Mar 2017

Fleas Infesting Pets and Homes

by Patricia Payne Ludek Zurek Michael W. Dryden


This publication is primarily concerned with the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis, the most common flea species found on both dogs and cats. Control methods are effective against other fleas. 4-page, full color.

Revision Date: Sep 2003

Ants: Structural Pests

by Robert J. Whitworth Phillip E. Sloderbeck Holly N. Davis Robert J. Bauernfeind Amie Norton


Most ants can be a nuisance in a home and lawn, but a few species can damage structures or bite or sting if disturbed. Includes color photos of common ants. 4-page, color.

Revision Date: Jul 2023

Bed Bugs: Structural Pests

by Holly N. Davis Robert J. Whitworth Raymond A. Cloyd Chuck Otte Amie Norton


Bed bugs, Cimex lectularis feed on humans, most commonly at night. Publication describes detection, prevention, and management of the pest. 4-page, color.

Revision Date: Nov 2022

Attic Flies: Home and Horticultural Pests

by Alberto B. Broce Robert J. Bauernfeind


Attic flies is a term for many species of flies that enter homes in fall and become a nuisance in late winter and early spring. These flies overwinter as adults in attics, dormers, seldom used rooms, and within walls. 2-page, 2-color.

Revision Date: Apr 2012

Cockroaches: Structural Pests

by Robert J. Whitworth Aqeel Ahmad Amie Norton


Cockroaches prefer warm, undisturbed areas with high humidity and near food. They hide under appliances, in kitchen cabinets, and in cracks in walls. 4-page, color.

Revision Date: Jul 2023

Termites: Structural Pests

by Amie Norton Robert J. Whitworth Phillip E. Sloderbeck Holly N. Davis Sharon M. Dobesh


Structural damage caused by termites occurs slowly. Here’s what to do if you suspect or find termites in the home. 4-page, color.

Revision Date: Nov 2022

Household Pests of Kansas

by Holly N. Davis Robert J. Whitworth


A guide to help homeowners and pest managers identify and manage key arthropod pests found in and around the home, including insects, mites, spiders, centipedes, scorpions, and ticks. 112-page, color, spiral bound.

Published Date: Jul 2018

Mealybug: Management in Greenhouses and Interiorscapes

by Raymond A. Cloyd


Mealybugs are major insect pests of greenhouse and interior environments where they feed on a wide range of plants and are difficult to manage with insecticides. Species are the citrus mealybug, Planococcus citri, longtailed mealybug, Pseudococcus longispinus, and root mealybugs, Rhizoecus spp. 4 p.

Published Date: Sep 2011

Clover Mites

by Raymond A. Cloyd


This fact sheet provides information on the biology of clover mites. Management strategies are discussed. 2 pages, color.

Revision Date: Dec 2022


by Phillip E. Sloderbeck


Springtails are tiny insects that live in areas of high humidity. Their name comes from their ability to use a projection on their abdomen to propel themselves into the air. 2-page, B/W.

Published Date: Nov 2004

Carpenter Bees: Structural Pests

by Robert J. Whitworth Holly N. Davis Amie Norton


Carpenter bees prefer old, soft, untreated, and unpainted wood. Structures infested with bees should have all entrance holes treated with insecticide. Treating at night is most effective. 2-page, color.

Revision Date: May 2023

Structural Pest Control Category 7E, Pesticide Application Training

by Frannie L. Miller


Controlling pests in structures: Cockroaches, silverfish, pests of stored food, fabric pests, flies, spiders, scorpions, fleas, ticks, wasps, bees, ants, rodents, birds, and similar pests. 84-page, b/w.

Revision Date: Apr 1998

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