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Thermal infrared Imaging System Usage for Crop Health Assessments

by Ajay Sharda Harman Singh Sangha


Thermal imagery is a great tool for crop monitoring, irrigation management, and disease detection. For proper data collection using thermal imagery it is recommended to understand your sensors, carefully select flying speed, altitude, and utilize good ground calibration techniques. Following some of the information presented in this publication could help the user to fully explore its potential. 6 pages, color.

Published Date: Feb 2022

Growing Growers: Tips for Safe Tractor Operation

by Cary L. Rivard


Small-tractor safety tips for beginning growers. 2-page, color.

Published Date: Dec 2015

What You Should Know About Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

by Travis Balthazor Kurt Carraway Brian McCornack


Practical applications and guidelines for small UAS use in federal airspace. 4-page, color.

Revision Date: Jul 2017

Biodiesel Fundamentals

by Logan Joos Edwin Brokesh


Biodiesel is an alternative fuel that can be safely used in modern diesel engines. This publication explains its advantages as well as differences that should be taken into consideration when using the fuel in either its pure state or as a high percentage blend. 4 pages, b/w.

Revision Date: Nov 2017

Motor Vehicle Safety For the Landscaping and Horticultural Services Industry


This book teaches important safety practices for operating and working near motor vehicles. It is designed to use with your employers safety training.

Published Date: Apr 2006

Seguridad al Usar Vehiculos Motorizados (Spanish: Motor Vehicle Safety)


Spanish: Safety practices for working near motor vehicles. It is designed to use with your employers safety training.

Published Date: Apr 2006

Evaluation of ATV-Mounted Boomless Spray Nozzles for Weed Control

by Walter H. Fick Dallas E. Peterson Robert E. Wolf


All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) equipped with small-capacity spray tanks and boomless nozzle systems have become popular to control weeds in pastures, rangelands, and along roadsides. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Apr 2009

Ethanol Fundamentals

by Randy R. Price Edwin Brokesh


Publication provides basic information about ethanol blended vehicle fuels. Fuel ethanol blends E10, E15, E20, and E85 are some of the combinations that are either available or may soon be available at the gasoline pump. 4 p.

Published Date: Jan 2012

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