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Pine Wilt: A Fatal Disease of Exotic Pines in the Midwest

by Mark Gleason


This bulletin explains how pine wilt is caused, how it spreads in the landscape, and measures that can be taken to manage the disease. 8-page, color.

Ttile is available for download only, it is not available in print.

Published Date: Feb 2000

How to Select Quality Landscape and Garden Tools

by Cathie Lavis


Learn basics of tool construction and materials that can make a difference in performance. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Mar 2018

Extension Master Gardener Program--Brochure


(sold in packages of 25) Brochure highlighting the Extension Master Gardener Program and how to become a volunteer. 2 pages, color.

Published Date: Sep 2022

Extension Master Gardener Program--Rack Card


(sold in packages of 25) Informational card highlighting the Extension Master Gardner Program. 2 pages, color.

Published Date: Sep 2022

How to Clean and Sharpen Garden Tools

by Matthew McKernan Cathie Lavis


Learn about basic supplies and sharpening methods to keep pruning and digging tools in good working order. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Mar 2018

Quick Composting

by Ward Upham


How to make compost in 12 to 14 days. 2-page, color.

Published Date: Aug 2017

Direct Application of Organic Materials

by Ward Upham


An alternative to building a compost pile. 1 page, color.

Published Date: Aug 2017

Approximate Composition of Select Natural Fertilizer Materials

by Ward Upham


The nutrient content (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) of manures, rocks, and plant materials. 2-page, color.

Published Date: Aug 2017

The Composting Process

by Ward Upham


Includes information on compost activators to increase nutrient content and speed decomposition. 2 page, color.

Published Date: Aug 2017

Using Compost

by Ward Upham


How to apply compost for soil improvement, mulch, planting beds, along with common problems. 2 page, color.

Published Date: Aug 2017

Composting Troubleshooting Guide

by Ward Upham


Solutions to common composting problems such as odor and unwanted pests. 1 page, color.

Published Date: Aug 2017

How to Hire an Irrigation Contractor

by Cathie Lavis


Homeowner tips: questions to ask and guarantees included in a typical contract. 2-page, color.

Published Date: Sep 2013

Drip Irrigation for Community Gardens

by Cheryl R. Boyer Cathie Lavis Ward Upham Cary L. Rivard


Drip systems are a common method of irrigating vegetable crops. Such a system benefits a community garden by applying water directly to the plant root zone at a rate that can be absorbed by the soil without runoff. This publication shows how to install a successful drip irrigation system for community gardens, including small plots and home gardens. 8-page, color.

Published Date: Oct 2014

Turfgrass Weed Control for Professionals 2020

by Daniel Weisenberger Aaron Patton Jared Hoyle


Order a print copy from Purdue.

Provides weed identification and control information turfgrass professionals can use to develop effective weed control programs for golf courses, athletic fields, sod farms, lawns, other turfgrass systems. Recommendations apply to most states, input from experts in IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, NY, OH, WI. 132-page, color.

Published Date: Dec 1899

Watering Raised Beds, Berms, Containers, and Houseplants

by Ward Upham et al.


Container gardens may use a mix of peatmoss, vermiculite, etc. Raised beds often have amended soil to improve drainage. These do not retain moisture or nutrients well. 2 p.

Published Date: Jan 2008

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