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  • MF2736
    Borers: Management and Prevention: Home and Horticultural Pests

    Anti-borer insecticides are best suited for proactive rather than reactive use. Insecticides can be sprayed directly onto tree trunks and larger limbs. 2-page, 2-color.

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  • MF2735
    Borers: Common Kansas Species: Home and Horticultural Pests

    Borers feed unseen beneath bark, destroying irreplaceable cambial and wood tissues of trees and shrubs. Borers are usually larvae of beetles and moths. Photos included. 8-page.

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  • MF2073
    Winter Grain Mites

    Originally considered a pest of small grains, Winter Grain Mites are also recognized as a pest of turfgrass including perennial ryegrass, bluegrass, bentgrass and fescue. 4-page, color.

  • L868
    Grasshoppers in the Lawn and Garden: Home and Horticultural Pests

    Important species include redlegged differential and two-striped grasshoppers. The differential and two-striped grasshoppers are most frequently encountered by home gardeners. 4-page, color.

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  • EP126
    Pests of the Flower Garden

    This publication lists some of the common pests associated with flowers and some of the active ingredients found in insecticides labeled for use on ornamental plants. 3-page, B/W.

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Displaying 61 to 65 of 69 Publications.

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