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Ticks in Kansas

by Michael W. Dryden Patricia Payne Ludek Zurek


Controlling ticks is important not only because they are nuisance parasites of humans and animals, but because they are vectors of bacterial and protozoal microbial pathogens. 4-page, b/w.

Published Date: Jun 2004

Thousand Cankers Disease and Black Walnuts: a Deadly Combination!


This publication describes thousand cankers disease and gives tips to control this costly disease’s spread. 2-page, color.

Published Date: Jul 2014

Emerald Ash Borer

by Robert J. Bauernfeind


This wood-boring beetle poses a serious threat to native ash trees in Kansas. Potential losses to valuable landscape plants and municipal trees have prompted state agencies to join a national effort to stop the spread of this destructive pest. This publication provides information on pest status, identification, damage, and treatment. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Sep 2014

European Pine Sawfly: Home and Horticultural Pests

by Robert J. Bauernfeind


Identification and control of European pine sawfly. Larvae feed on mugo and other pine species and may strip entire branches of needles in early spring. 4-page, color.

Revision Date: Feb 2016

Grasshoppers in the Lawn and Garden: Home and Horticultural Pests

by Robert J. Bauernfeind


Important species include redlegged differential and two-striped grasshoppers. The differential and two-striped grasshoppers are most frequently encountered by home gardeners. 4-page, color.

Revision Date: Jun 2005

Pesticides and Bees

by Raymond A. Cloyd


Learn about the impact of pesticides on bees and how to protect bees from pesticide exposure. 8-page, color.

Published Date: Jul 2018

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