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  • MF2107
    Chiggers: Pests That Affect Human Health

    Some people report itching within minutes after entering chigger-infested sites although no bite marks are visible until later. The itching begins 3-6 hours after the chigger begins biting. 2 p.

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  • MF2905
    Resistance Management: Resistance, Mode of Action, and Pesticide Rotation

    Insects and mites in greenhouses and nurseries are principally managed with pesticides. Continual reliance on pesticides leads to resistance, when pests adapt to survive. 8-page, color.

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  • MF2900
    Mulches and Living Organisms

    Mulch near home foundations, may attract nuisance and/or structural arthropod pests such as centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, ants, termites, and other insects. 2 p.

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  • MF2892
    Integrated Pest Management in Greenhouses and Herbaceous Nurseries

    Integrated pest management (IPM) involves use of cultural, physical, biological, and chemical methods to manage insect and mite pests. Includes inspection, scouting and monitoring. 8-page, color.

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  • MF2855
    Pillbugs: Kansas Crop Pests

    Pillbugs can be found in locations with high humidity and moisture. They normally feed on decaying organic matter but also can be a crop or garden pest. 2-page, color.

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Displaying 56 to 60 of 69 Publications.

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