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Financial Ratios Used in Financial Management

by Robin Reid Kevin L. Herbel


With the magnitude of today’s farm businesses, financial ratios can aid in converting data common in farm accounting systems into meaningful information. 4-page, b/w.

Revision Date: Dec 2017

Packing Eggs on the Farm for Direct Sales

by R. Scott Beyer


Guide to growing, selecting, marketing, and selling eggs directly from the farm.

Published Date: Jan 1998

Planning a Dairy Expansion

by John F. Smith Joseph P. Harner III


Publication is temporarily unavailable during revision. Provides answers for those wishing to expand their dairies.

Published Date: May 1998

Comparing Irrigation Energy Costs

by Danny H. Rogers Mahbub Alam


Shows comparisons between different irrigation energy costs. The selection of the irrigation fuel source is a significant decision; choices are electricity, natural gas, deisel, or propane.

Revision Date: Aug 2006

Kansas Fence Law

by Roger A. McEowen


Provides an overview of the different aspects of the Kansas fence law. 12 p.

Revision Date: Apr 2004

Kansas Agricultural Lease Law

by Jerrod A. Westfahl


A lease is a contract and terms of the lease will be interpreted and enforced in light of contract law. Over 50 percent of Kansas farmland and pastureland is rented. 8-page.

Revision Date: Jul 2005

Evaluating Pumping Plant Efficiency Using On-Farm Fuel Bills

by Danny H. Rogers Mahbub Alam


Are irrigation costs are reasonable? Is irrigation is paying its way? Fuel bills have parts related to pumping plant performance and to crop and irrigation management.

Revision Date: Jul 2006

Winter Wheat Grazing

by Kevin C. Dhuyvetter Glynn T. Tonsor


provides cost-return of winter wheat grazing. 4-page, b/w.

Revision Date: Apr 2014

Marketing Kansas Timber

by David L. Bruton


This publication guides landowners who want to sell timber. It includes a sample bid form and a sample timber sale agreement form. two-color, 6-pages.

Revision Date: Mar 2018

Quality Oriented Marketing of Hard Winter Wheat

by Patrick J. McCluskey Robert K. Bequette Timothy J. Herrman


Provides a description of quality evaluation techniques regarding hard winter wheat. Color photos of equipment and wheat.

Published Date: Jun 1995

Economics of On-Farm Storage

by Kevin C. Dhuyvetter Joseph P. Harner III Jenna Tajchman


Examines reason for recent interest in grain storage in Kansas: low grain prices and wide basis levels at harvest, preserving identity of crops, flexibility, reduced bottlenecks at harvest.

Revision Date: Sep 2007

Starting a Greenhouse Business—A Commercial Growers Guide

by Alan B. Stevens Susan Stevens Mary Lewnes Albrecht


A commercial growers guide to starting and running a greenhouse business.

Published Date: Jun 1994

Demystifying the Wholesale Market

by Megan McManus Cary L. Rivard


Consumer demand for local food is growing, and farmers can benefit from this by growing for wholesale. This manual provides Midwest small or mid-scale specialty crop growers an overview of the steps needed to enter the Greater Kansas City wholesale market. 60 pages, color.

Published Date: Sep 2021

Organic Certification

by Rhonda Janke Charles W. Marr


Growers of certified organic products use renewable resources for soil fertility & energy. Biological control of pests is encouraged. Crop rotations with a soil building program is required.

Published Date: Jul 1998

Narrow Row Corn Production in Kansas

by Scott A. Staggenborg W. Barney Gordon Victor L. Martin


Discusses agronomic considerations, machinery considerations and economic considerations of narrow row corn.

Published Date: Aug 2001

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