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Scouting for Pythium Root Rot in Soybean

by Martin Chilvers Alison Robertson Nathan Bestor


Brochure describes pythium root rot, a soybean disease that mainly affects seedlings. Includes life cycle, scouting, and management information. 2-page, full color.

Published Date: Feb 2014

Soybean Grading Procedures

by Carl Reed Timothy J. Herrman


USDA descriptions for definition of soybeans, classes (yellow vs. mixed soybeans) grades, and types of impurities and damage, with color photos.

Published Date: Dec 2000

Soybean Hull-Composition and Feeding Value for Beef and Dairy Cattle

by Jim Drouillard Evan C. Titgemeyer Dale A. Blasi


Nutrient composition and feeding of soybean hulls to livestock. 18 p.

Published Date: Jan 2000

Soybean Aphids

by Amie Norton William T. Schapaugh Robert J. Whitworth


The soybean aphid is a small, greenish-yellow aphid with black tailpipes or cornicles near the tip of its abdomen. It can transmit plant virus diseases. 4 pages, color.

Revision Date: Nov 2022

Tips for Ground Application of Fungicide for Asian Rust Control

by John W. Slocombe Scott Bretthauer Dennis R. Gardisser Robert E. Wolf


Asian soybean rust has potential to cause severe damage to the soybean crop. Select proper application parameters for making fungicide applications with conventional boom sprayers. Includes color photos of nozzles. Reviewed June 2014 by John W. Slocombe. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Aug 2005

Soybean Production Handbook

by Ignacio A. Ciampitti et al.


The guide describes the many facets of producing, harvesting, and marketing soybeans. Full-color, 52 pages.

Revision Date: Oct 2016

Post Corn, Going to Soybean: Use Cereal Rye

by Vaughn Sothman DeAnn Presley


The following recipe provides an introductory approach to integrating a cover crop into a corn-soybean rotation. 2-page, color.

Published Date: May 2020

Using Legumes in Crop Rotations

by Dale F. Leikam


Rotating legumes with non-legumes has the double advantage of growing the legume with little additional nitrogen, plus a nitrogen credit for subsequent non-legume crops.

Revision Date: Oct 2007

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