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  • 4H1168
    Livestock Challenge: Ruminants!

    How many stomachs do cattle, sheep and goats have? These animals have an amazing stomach system that converts forages into milk and meat! Learn all about what a ruminant is, the different parts of the digestive system and function of each stomach chamber while building a rumen in your own kitchen! 14 pages, color.

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  • MF3185
    How Much Gas Do Beef or Dairy Cattle Produce?

    Beef and dairy cattle operations produce greenhouse gas emissions from feed digestion and manure decomposition. Producers need to be aware of what gases are emitted and why they are of concern so they can take steps to control and counteract these emissions. 4-page, color.

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  • MF3180
    Carbon Footprint of Livestock Production

    Livestock producers can evaluate the carbon footprint of their production and make environmentally responsible choices. A number of factors influencing carbon emissions are discussed as well as ways to operate facilities efficiently and responsibly. 4-page, color.

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  • EP110
    Fan Placement and Heat Stress Abatement in Four-row Freestall Barns

    Heat stress in freestall barns should be a major concern for dairy producers and dairy industry advisors. Provide protection from solar radiation and maximize evaporative losses from skin.

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  • EP100
    Special Needs Facilities: Recommendations for housing for pregnant, lactating and sick cows

    Tips on planning and design using examples based on a 2,400 lactating cow dairy with freestall housing configured in 4-row barns.

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Displaying 1 to 5 of 23 Publications.

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