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  • MF3089
    Wheat Stem Sawfly: Kansas Crop Pests

    Identification, biology, behavior, and management of this pest of wheat in Kansas. 4-page, full color.

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  • S54
    Diagnosing Corn Production Problems in Kansas

    This publication will help diagnose likely causes of slow growth, distorted appearance, off-colors, injury and death of corn plants from planting through harvest. 56-page, color.

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  • MF3047
    False Chinch Bug: Kansas Crop Pests

    False chinch bugs, Nysius spp., occur in weedy pastures, fields, or other noncrop areas throughout Kansas. They usually attack soybeans and sorghum but also consume cotton, canola, and corn. They sometimes migrate to gardens or buildings in large numbers during migration. 2 pages, color.

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  • MF2999
    Alfalfa Weevils: Kansas Crop Pests

    Alfalfa weevil, Hypera postica, is the major perennial defoliator of early season alfalfa in Kansas. Adult alfalfa weevils are approximately 3/16 inch long and light brown with a broad dark brown line down the center of the back, with a typical weevil snout. 2 p.

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  • L873
    Biological Control of Musk Thistle in Kansas

    Biological control uses a pest’s natural enemies. Using the musk thistle head and/or rosette weevil may prove to be an effective alternative method of control for musk thistles. 8 p.

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Displaying 21 to 25 of 43 Publications.

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