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Private Well Maintenance and Protection

by James P Murphy Stacie Minson Joseph P. Harner III Herschel George Melissa Harvey et al.


Publication describes the maintenance required to keep well water safe. Includes checklist. 4 pages, b/w.

Published Date: Apr 2024

Water Primer: Part 6, Water Agencies in Kansas

by Danny H. Rogers Philip L. Barnes Kerri Ebert G. Morgan Powell


Explains the roles of federal, state, and local governmental agencies with water resource management responsibilities. 4-page, b/w.

Published Date: Nov 2013

Agency Authority and Responsibilities for Water in Kansas

by Daniel W. Kahl Benjamin P. Windholz


Explains the various agencies with responsibilities for water use in Kansas. Includes a chart of responsibilities and contact information. 4-page, 2-color.

Published Date: Feb 2014

Water Primer: Part 3, Groundwater

by Danny H. Rogers G. Morgan Powell Kerri Ebert


Groundwater is free or unbonded water located beneath the ground surface in an aquifer, a geologic formation containing a sufficient quantity of water that can be removed by pumping. Publication includes diagrams of wells and maps of aquifers. 8 pages, color.

Published Date: Apr 2012

Nitrate and Groundwater

by Ray E. Lamond John S. Hickman G. Morgan Powell


Nitrate & nitrite can have both immediate and long-term health effects. Nitrate is a common contaminant in ground-water. 28% of farmstead wells are above the nitrate standard.

Revision Date: Apr 1999

Shock Chlorination for Private Water Systems

by Danny H. Rogers G. Morgan Powell


Shock chlorination involves disinfecting a well & plumbing system & sometimes gravel pack & nearby aquifer. Chlorine is the disinfectant because it is available,inexpensive, & has residual effect.

Revision Date: Jul 2005

Citizen Science Water Quality Testing Series W-6: Total Coliform and E. coli Bacteria

by G. Morgan Powell Rebecca Moscou Rhonda Janke


Total coliform refers to a broad class of bacteria that are readily cultured from water or environmental samples. This indicates contamination in drinking water.

Revision Date: Jun 2006

Glossary of Water Terms

by G. Morgan Powell Kerri Ebert


Waste Management Learning Center: Definitions of terms used in managing water quality. 8-page.

Published Date: Aug 2007

Restoring a Flooded Well to Service

by G. Morgan Powell Danny H. Rogers Judith M. Willingham


If flood water overtopped a well casing, polluted water and sediment likely entered the well and disinfection is essential. Equipment must be dried, cleaned, and checked.

Published Date: Jun 2006

Managing Groundwater Through Locally Led Group Conservation: A Guide for Producers

by Jonathan Aguilar Matthew Sanderson Stephen Lauer


This publication provides an overview of locally led, group conservation tools available to Kansas producers and recommendations for organizing local group conservation efforts. 8 pages, color.

Published Date: Jan 2021

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