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Spanish: Gardening on Lead-Contaminated Soils: Jardinería en suelos contaminados con plomo

by Phillip P. Defoe DeAnn Presley


Translated into Spanish. Describes conditions that can cause elevated lead levels in soils, outlines gardening practices considered safe on lead-contaminated soils, and offers some remediation techniques for lead-contaminated garden soil. 8 pages, 2 color.

Published Date: Mar 2023

Cover Crops for Vegetable Growers

by Charles W. Marr Rhonda Janke Paul Conway


Cover crops are not grown for harvest; they are grown to protect & improve soils. Cover crops can improve soil tilth, control erosion & weeds, & maintain soil organic matter content.

Published Date: Nov 1998

Organic Certification

by Rhonda Janke Charles W. Marr


Growers of certified organic products use renewable resources for soil fertility & energy. Biological control of pests is encouraged. Crop rotations with a soil building program is required.

Published Date: Jul 1998

Rights-of-Way Pest Control, Category 6

by Frannie L. Miller Sarah Lancaster


Weed control, maintenance of public roads, electric powerlines, pipelines, railway rights-of-way, or similar. 76 pages, color.

Revision Date: Feb 2021

Industrial Weed Control, Category 7C

by Frannie L. Miller Sarah Lancaster


Publication describes how to manage weeds near buildings, roads, and other sites. Excess vegetation can obstruct road visibility, create fire hazards, impair drainage, and reduce the useful life of structures. Reliability and public safety across rights-of-way and industrial areas require controlling unwanted vegetation. 76 pages, color.

Revision Date: Jun 2021

Herbicide Mode of Action

by Jeanne Falk Jones Mithila Jugulam Sarah Lancaster


In-depth description of how herbicides work in controlling weeds. Describes herbicide interaction with weeds. 20-page, color.

Revision Date: Mar 2021

Plastic Mulches for Vegetables

by Charles W. Marr


Publication provides the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic mulch for vegetables. Includes mulch application, planting crop, irrigation, and other cropping considerations.

Revision Date: Oct 1993

Fire and Grasslands

by Carol Baldwin et al.


Publication describes the benefits of burning grassland to provide better grazing for livestock and better habitat for wildlife, to control woody plants and weeds, and to reduce the risk of wildfire. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Jul 2019

How Much Does Kansas Rangeland Burning Contribute to Ambient PM2.5?

by Zifei Liu


The smoke from rangeland burning has resulted in air quality concerns, and smoke exposure constitutes public health concerns. The organic particles in smoke can have negative health impacts. This publication examines the effect of rangeland burning on measures of particulate matter in urban areas affected by this smoke. 4 pages, color.

Published Date: Jun 2017

Alternative Burning Strategies: Effects on Cattle Performance, Grassland, and the Environment

by Jaymelynn Farney et al.


Compares the effects of patch burning with traditional pasture burning (prescribed burning). Explores the viability of this practice for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from cattle grazing systems. 4-page, color.

Published Date: Feb 2019

Summer Grazing Strategies for Stocker Cattle in the Kansas Flint Hills

by Clenton Owensby Walter H. Fick


Learn strategies to improve profitability when grazing cattle in the Flint Hills. 8-page, 2-color.

Published Date: Feb 2016

How much does Kansas Rangeland Burning Contribute to Ambient Ozone?

by Zifei Liu


One of the major air quality concerns associated with rangeland burning in the Kansas Flint Hills region is the contribution of smoke to elevated ground level ambient ozone. This publication illustrates how the smoke impacts on populated cities may be reduced through proper timing of burning. 4 pages, color.

Published Date: Jun 2017

Air Quality Concerns of Prescribed Range Burning in Kansas

by Zifei Liu


Outlines regulations, trends, and best practices for controlling smoke from range burning. 4-page, b/w.

Published Date: Feb 2014

Establishing and Managing Native Prairie Plants in Small Areas

by Clenton Owensby Walter H. Fick


Native plants are a beautiful alternative to typical commercial plants. This publication provides information on preparation, seeding, and management of native plants. 4-page, full color.

Published Date: Jun 2015

Patch Burn Grazing

by Carol Blocksome Brian Obermeyer


Patch burn grazing is a method of range management in which only a portion of a pasture or management unit is burned and then grazed, either by domestic livestock or native wildlife. 2 p.

Published Date: Nov 2012

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