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  • MF185
    Cow/Calf Record Book

    Field record book for cattle breeding programs. Space to record calving details, cow and bull inventories, vaccination and treatment records, herd performance, and more. 64-page, color cover, b/w inside.

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  • MF2316
    Planning and Designing Cattle Feedlots

    Construction of a new feedlot or expansion of an existing feedlot requires adequate planning and design to maintain the feedlot’s efficiency and profitability. Planning and design information will aid feedlot owners and operators to improve and develop facilities to address human, cattle, and environmental issues, and will result in safe, efficient, and productive feedlots. 12 pages, color.

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  • MF3277
    Body Condition Record Book

    A tool beef cattle producers can use to collect and track body condition throughout the year. 24-page, color cover.

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  • MF3349
    Designing a Bud Box for Cattle Handling

    A well-designed cattle handling facility is a long-term investment that allows the operator to work more efficiently, saving time and reducing animal stress. A Bud Box combines efficiency, flexibility, and less animal stress in a cost-effective solution. 16-pages, color.

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  • MF3065
    Identification and Management of Blue-green Algae in Farm Ponds

    A pond containing a harmful algal bloom may be covered with scum that looks like bright green paint, but other colors are possible. Water may have an unpleasant smell. Harmful algal blooms are serious threats to livestock health and may be fatal. Test suspect water sources to minimize livestock loss and poor animal performance. 4 p.

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