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  • MF2765
    Cockroaches: Structural Pests

    Cockroaches prefer warm, undisturbed areas with high humidity and near food. They hide under appliances, in kitchen cabinets, and in cracks in walls. 4-page, color.

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  • MF2887
    Ants: Structural Pests

    Most ants can be a nuisance in a home and lawn, but a few species can damage structures or bite or sting if disturbed. Includes color photos of common ants. 4-page, color.

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  • MF2946
    Carpenter Bees: Structural Pests

    Carpenter bees prefer old, soft, untreated, and unpainted wood. Structures infested with bees should have all entrance holes treated with insecticide. Treating at night is most effective. 2-page, color.

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  • MF2926
    Bed Bugs: Structural Pests

    Bed bugs, Cimex lectularis feed on humans, most commonly at night. Publication describes detection, prevention, and management of the pest. 4-page, color.

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  • MF722
    Termites: Structural Pests

    Structural damage caused by termites occurs slowly. Here’s what to do if you suspect or find termites in the home. 4-page, color.

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Displaying 1 to 5 of 22 Publications.

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