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  • MF3580
    Feeding Our Youngest: 10 Months

    While developing skill with finger foods is important, your 10-month-old can also begin learning to use a spoon. It may be messy at first, but letting your baby practice with a spoon will build important self-feeding skills. 2 pages, color.

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  • MF3578
    Feeding Our Youngest: 8 Months

    As your baby moves toward eating family-friendly table food — somewhere between 7 and 10 months — you will want to continue to increase the variety and textures of food you offer. Includes tips for safe and healthful feeding. 2 pages, color.

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  • MF3574S
    Feeding Our Youngest: 5 Months, Spanish

    Spanish version: At 5 months, your baby is showing increasing interest in your meals and the food you eat. Change will be the key for the next few months, as your baby learns about food and begins building lifelong healthy eating skills. 2 pages, color.

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  • MF3582
    Feeding Our Youngest: 12 Months

    As your baby approaches his first birthday, he is learning and mastering many skills and abilities. Help your child develop a healthful eating pattern that includes a variety of foods rich in calcium, vitamins A, C, and D, and iron. 2 pages, color.

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  • MF3558
    Feeding Our Youngest: 3 Months

    Each baby is different, but breast- or bottle-feeding is still the best way to feed your baby. 2 pages, color.

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Displaying 26 to 30 of 117 Publications.

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